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Czech-Bag Odry, s.r.o. - Quality Czech bags

We produce films, sacks, bags with or without printing, a bookmark, a flap and adhesive tape, euro-cut, perforation, typical and atypical dimensions. Special multi-chamber bags, zip bags. Anticorrosive foils and bags. Sales double-sided adhesive tape. Used materials - LDPE, HDPE.

About company

The company was founded in 1995 by owner Adam Zavadil. The prime beginning business was focused on the sale of all kinds of packaging materials. Over time, the company specialized in the sale of the packaging material mainly LDPE, HDPE and LDPP materials. Production ran on manual machines in several households.

For the successful development of the company it was necessary in 1999 to purchase an automatic device for the production of foil wrapping material. Another successful expansion of the number of employees was necessary in 2004 to purchase two more machines and expand production of special bags to order.

2007 began the transformation of Adam Zavadil the company CZECH-BAG Odry sro and then buying additional machines for bags and sacks, recycling lines and printers. In 2011, the production moved to a newly renovated lobby. The larger space has allowed us to purchase additional machines for production and increase production volume. Current development is the commencement of construction management for the construction of buildings for the storage of materials and finished products. Philosophy of fast-growing company is meeting the needs of customers and end consumers. Company's vision is to build a fully functional production process for the manufacture of LDPE, HDPE materials from recycling options used input materials.